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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DHYG 240 Preventive Dentistry IV

This is an advanced course intended for students who have completed three semesters of preventive dentistry courses. Topics include: management of medical emergencies in the dental setting, identifying and reporting child abuse and maltreatment/neglect to meet NYS Education Law, and dental practice management. The course also provides the didactic requirement to obtain post-certification in the administration of local infiltration anesthesia and nitrous oxide analgesia in the practice of dental hygiene. The goal of this course is to transition the graduate into the workplace as an oral health professional. Open only to matriculated Dental Hygiene students.
Pre-requisite(s): DHYG 207 Periodontology ; DHYG 230 Preventive Dentistry III ; DHYG 231 Clinical Dental Hygiene II .
Co-requisite(s): DHYG 216 Oral Care for People Living with Special Needs ; DHYG 217 Pharmacology ; DHYG 241 Clinical Dental Hygiene III .
Terms Offered: Spring
Offered Distance Learning: No
Credits: 2
Contact Hours:
Lecture: 2