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2017-2018 College Catalog 
2017-2018 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECHO 258 Echocardiography Clinic I

This course will cover actual scanning of the heart in a hospital or clinic setting. Students will learn how to produce and interpret normal and pathognomonic sonograms of the heart. Open only to matriculated Echocardiography students.
NOTE: Students are given either a pass or fail grade for this course with no quality points awarded. If a student’s clinical performance is unsatisfactory or if at any time the student compromises the safety of the patient, the student will be terminated from the program.
Co-requisite(s): ECHO 252 Echocardiography Principles and Instrumentation ; ECHO 254 Echocardiography I ; ECHO 256 Anatomy and Physiology of The Heart .
Terms Offered: Fall
Offered Distance Learning: No
Credits: 8
Contact Hours:
Lab: 24