May 24, 2022  
2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DART 110 Introduction to Graphic Design

This course is an introduction to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of image, form, color, and type. Students will be introduced to the history of graphic design, compositional principles including grid systems, hierarchy and typography. The course will include practical exercises in visual perception, visual organization and visual communication using industry standard software. It is expected that students will spend additional time outside of class completing course assignments. Students will also be required to purchase quality inkjet paper and other supplies (such as flash drives and/or external hard drives) as directed by the instructor. 
NOTE: Students will be responsible for costs associated with producing formal prints for a small number of assignments.
Lab fee will be required
Terms Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Offered Distance Learning: Yes
SUNY General Education Designation(s): Arts
Credits: 3
Contact Hours:
Lecture: 2
Lab: 4