Dec 04, 2021  
2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Entrepreneurship Certificate

HEGIS #5004
Chairperson: Ricky P. Thibodeau
Brahan Hall, Room 219 (518) 629-7225

The Entrepreneurship certificate program is designed to provide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who already possess specific technical or innovative abilities with key entrepreneurial skills and business education skills to launch a new business. The program, which can be completed over two semesters, aims to increase the likelihood of success by reinforcing the concepts and skills necessary to create, design and launch a successful new business.

This program provides the entrepreneurial skills needed by those whose dream is to run their own business or to become a driver of innovation in an established company. At the same time, those who already own a business will find that it helps them to advance their skill set.

Credits earned in this program are directly applicable to the Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.  degree program. Entrepreneurship credits may be used in other School of Business degree programs, as well, and may also fulfill elective requirements in other programs at the college.

Program Entrance Requirements

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra or 1 unit of equivalent academic math (70 or above in the course) Fall and Spring   70 or above

Total Credits Required: 30

Total Credits Required: 30

Suggested Course Sequence for Full-Time Study