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2019-2020 College Catalog 
2019-2020 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs (A to Z)

School of Business and Liberal Arts

Program can be completed by attending entirely in the
Program evening online**
Accounting, A.A.S.   Yes Yes
Accounting Certificate   Yes Yes
Animal Policy Certificate   No Yes
Basic Direct Care Skills Micro-credential    Yes No
Business Administration, A.A.S.   Yes Yes
Business - Business Administration, A.S.   Yes Yes
Chemical Dependency Counseling, A.A.S.    No No
Chemical Dependency Counseling Certificate    No No
Criminal Investigation, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2018)* No Yes
Criminal Justice, A.A.S.    Yes Yes
Criminal Justice, A.S.   No No
Cybersecurity, A.S.   No No
Digital Marketing, A.A.S.  (Deactivated Fall 2018)* No Yes
Digital Media, A.S.   No No
Digital Media Certificate   No No
Disabilities Studies Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2016)* No Yes
Early Childhood, A.A.S.   No No
Early Childhood Administration, A.A.S.   No No
Early Childhood Administration Certificate   No Yes
Entrepreneurship, A.A.S.   No Yes
Entrepreneurship Certificate   No Yes
Fine Arts, A.S.    No No
Forensic Science Studies, A.S.   No No
Health Sciences Certificate   No No
Human Services, A.A.S.   Yes No
Human Services, A.S.    Yes No
Individual Studies, A.A.  Individual Studies, A.S.   Yes Yes
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Adolescent Education (Teacher Education Transfer), A.S.   No No
Liberal Arts and Science - Humanities and Social Science, A.A.   Yes Yes
Marketing, A.A.S.   Yes Yes
Public Administration Studies, A.A.S.   Yes Yes
Special Education Assistant Certificate   No No
Supermarket Management and Operations Certificate  (Deactivated Fall 2011)* No No
Teaching Assistant Certificate   No Yes
Theatre Arts, A.S.   No No

School of Health Sciences

Bereavement Studies Certificate   No Yes
Coaching Certificate   No Yes
Community Health Navigation, A.A.S.   No No
Community Health Navigation Certificate   No No
Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.   No No
Dental Assisting Certificate   No Yes
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Certificate   No No
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate   No No
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic, A.A.S.   Yes No
Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Certificate   Yes No
Exercise Science, A.S.   No No
Fitness Specialist Certificate   No No
Health and Wellness Studies, A.S.   No No
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology, A.A.S.  (Deactivated Fall 2018)* No No
Mortuary Science, A.A.S.   No No
Nursing, A.A.S.   Yes No
Polysomnography, A.A.S.   No No
Physical Education Studies, A.A.   No No
Radiologic Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Respiratory Care, A.A.S.   No No
Surgical Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Surgical Technology Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2019)* No No
Worksite Health Promotion Certificate   No No

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Administrative Information Management and Technology, A.A.S.   No Yes
Advanced Manufacturing Technology, A.O.S.   Yes No
Alternative Fuels Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2013)* No No
Architectural Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Architecture Technology Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2015)* Yes No
Automotive Management, A.A.S.   No No
Automotive Technical Services, A.O.S.   No No
Automotive Technical Services - Autobody Repair, A.O.S.   No No
Automotive Technical Services - General Motors, A.O.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2012)* No No
Biological Sciences, A.S.   No No
Biotechnology, A.S.   No No
Biotechnology Certificate   No No
Civil Engineering Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Clean Energy Management, A.A.S.   No No
Computer Aided Drafting, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2013)* No No
Computer Aided Drafting Certificate   No No
Computer Information Systems, A.A.S.   Yes Yes
Computer Information Systems, A.S.   Yes Yes
Computer Information Systems: Business Applications Programming, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2008)* Yes No
Computer Information Systems: Internet and Web Programming, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2008)* Yes No
Computer Information Systems: System and Network Administration, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2018)* Yes No
Computer Information Systems: Web Design and WWW Programming, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2018)* Yes Yes
Computer Software Application Specialist Certificate   (Deactivated Spring 2012)* Yes No
Construction Certificate   No No
Construction Technology - Building Construction, A.A.S.   Yes No
Electrical Construction and Maintenance, A.O.S.   Yes No
Electrical Engineering Technology - Electronics, A.A.S.   No No
Electrical Technology: Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Engineering Science, A.S.   No No
Environmental Science, A.S.   No No
Health Information Management and Technology, A.A.S.   No Yes
Health Information Technician Certificate   (Deactivated Spring 2012)* Yes No
Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Services, A.O.S.   No No
Heating Systems Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2011)* Yes No
IT Help Desk Support Certificate   Yes Yes
Liberal Arts and Science - Mathematics and Science, A.S.   No No
Mechanical Engineering Technology, A.A.S.   No No
Mechatronics, A.A.S.   No No
Overhead Electric Line Worker Certificate   No No
Photovoltaic Installation Certificate  (Deactivated Fall 2018)* Yes No
Physical Sciences, A.S.   No No
Plant Utilities Technology, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2013)* No No
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Certificate   (Deactivated Fall 2011)* Yes No
Semiconductor Technology Certificate   No No
System and Network Associate Certificate  (Deactivated Fall 2008)* No No
Telecommunications Technology - Verizon, A.A.S.   (Deactivated Fall 2016)* No No
Wind Technician Certificate   (Deactivated Spring 2017)* No No

Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student financial aid awards.

*Majors so noted are being deactivated and as such, applications for admission are no longer accepted.

**Note: Some online courses have required on-campus labs and/or proctored exams. With careful planning and by speaking with an advisor, most of the degrees listed below can be completed totally online. Courses also can be transferred from other institutions. However, at least 50 percent of the credits for your degree must be obtained at Hudson Valley Community College. In addition to the programs offered entirely online, a number of programs offer more than 50 percent of their courses online.

Key to Degrees Earned:
A.A. = Associate in Arts
A.S. = Associate in Science
A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science
A.O.S. = Associate in Occupational Studies