May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Marketing, A.A.S.

Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS #5004
Department Chairperson: Ricky P. Thibodeau
Brahan Hall, Room 219, (518) 629-7225

The Marketing program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to gain immediate employment and to enable graduates to advance in positions of increasing responsibility after entering the workforce. Marketing is everywhere and having the skill-set to implement a marketing and advertising plan in the global marketplace is critical for a company’s success. Students develop their strategic management and marketing skills to prepare them for a dynamic and evolving workplace. Our faculty members teach students the latest innovations within the marketing industry that is needed in today’s business world. Many of our faculty have owned and operated their own businesses or worked for a Fortune 500 company. They bring a lifetime of knowledge and global experience to the classroom.

The Marketing program is offered to students who seek to obtain an entry-level position in areas such as marketing, advertising, retailing, management and sales. Students planning to establish and operate a small business may enter this program as well. Additionally, some students may transfer to four-year colleges and universities to further their education. Students complete core required courses that also are appropriate for other programs in the School of Business, and they complete foundation courses in marketing, advertising, retailing, management, and sales.

Full-time students who wish to complete this program in exactly four terms of study must successfully complete five courses each term. Degree requirements can be completed through either full- or part-time study through day, evening and online offerings.

Upon successful completion of the Marketing program, graduates will be able to solve marketing problems using critical-thinking skills and quantitative and qualitative data; be able to identify consumer behavior characteristics to determine the best way to reach consumers; have the skill set to develop a marketing and advertising plan; understand the importance and varying approaches of conducting marketing research; apply business and management principles in a marketing setting; and be effective with both oral and writing skills.

Most career-level positions in the retail industry such as management, merchandising, and buying are easier to attain with a college degree. The industry is actively seeking candidates with strong business backgrounds. The Retailing option curriculum provides students with a solid business and marketing background through required courses such as Legal and Ethical Environment, Advertising and Financial Accounting.

Program Entrance Requirements

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra or 1 unit of equivalent academic math (70 or above in the course) Fall and Spring   70 or above

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term in courses ACTG 110 , BADM 110 , BADM 120  or BADM 221 , ECON 100 , ENGL 101  and FORM 104  would be approximately $815.

Total Credits Required: 62

Major Requirements*

*or specific course equivalents as approved by the department chairperson.
**Required of first-time, full-time students. May be waived at department chairperson’s discretion.

Program Electives

  • (1) Business Electives Credits: 6
  • (2) Restricted Economics Electives Credits: 6
  • (3) Computer Elective Credits: 3
  • (4) Restricted English Elective Credits: 3
  • (5) Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective Credits: 3

(2) Restricted Economics Electives Credits: 6

(3) Computer Elective Credits: 3

Any CMPT or CISS course. 

(5) Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective Credits: 3

Any course listed as a Liberal Arts and Science course.

(6) Math Elective Credits: 3

MATH 110  or higher.

Total Credits Required: 62

Suggested Course Sequence for Full-Time Study

First Term

Term Total: 15

Second Term

Term Total: 16

Term Total: 16

Fourth Term

Term Total: 15