May 18, 2024  
2023-2024 College Catalog 
2023-2024 College Catalog

Theatre Arts, A.S.

Associate in Science
HEGIS #5610
Chairperson: Scott M. Hathaway
Brahan Hall, Room 124, (518) 629-7347

The college’s Theatre Arts program provides a broad-based academic foundation for further study and career opportunities.

Fostered in a collaborative and dynamic environment on our campus and supported by a diverse curriculum, you will have opportunities to perform a variety of production roles through practicum courses and student theatrical productions. Students in this program may explore and cultivate their creative and academic potential.

Core courses in the curriculum focus on acting, historic and contemporary stage theory and practice, and technical theatre. Elective course options are available in arts, literature, foreign languages, history, business, education, science, political science, psychology, crafts or computer aided design. These provide students the opportunity to explore other interests and focus their studies on particular career objectives.

Program Entrance Requirements

Courses Entry Term Special Notes H.S. Average
Algebra and geometry or 2 units of equivalent academic math and 1 unit of any lab science (70 or above in each course) Fall and Spring Strongly recommend algebra II biology, and involvement or experience with theatre activities. 70 or above

Total Credits Required: 63

Major Requirements*

*or specific course equivalents as approved by the department chairperson.
** Required of first time full-time students.

(1) Lab Science Elective Credits: 3

Course must be designated as both “SUNY-GER Natural Science (and Scientific Reasoning)” lab and “HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Science” course.

(2) Restricted Electives I Credits: 6

Courses must be designated as both “SUNY-GER” and “HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences” courses. In addition, 1 of the following SUNY General Education categories must be satisfied: World Languages (GWLG)or US History and Civic Engagement (GUSH).

(4) Restricted Electives II Credits: 6

Students, with advisor approval, may elect to take courses in Arts, Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Business, Education, Science, Political Science, Psychology, Crafts or Computer Aided Design.

(5) Mathematics Elective Credits: 3

MATH 130 or higher. Course must be designated as both “SUNY-GER Mathematics (and Quantitative Reasoning)” and ”HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences Math” course.

(6) Diversity: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice credits: 3

Course must be designated as both “SUNY-GER Diversity: Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DEISJ),” and “HVCC Liberal Arts and Sciences” course.

Total Credits Required: 63

Suggested Course Sequence for Full-Time Study

Term Total: 15

Term Total: 15

Third Term

Term Total: 15

Fourth Term

Term Total: 18